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Total Control Services is a leader in the security industry, by providing an effective holistic approach to service delivery.

We believe our policy of continues training of our staff and procedures are
amongst the most effective in the industry, ensuring a superior service to
our clients.



We, at Total Control Services, work towards providing a holistic approach towards the delivery of our services to all our clients. Our strategy of keeping our staffs well trained on a continuous basis has got to be one of the best strategies followed by companies in this industry. Keeping our procedures up to date with all recent developments in this sector has yielded us positive results, more often than not. All these approaches together ensure that our clients receive superior service from our skilled security guards every time that they approach us, and our service helps us get recognized as a trusted security company in Brisbane.


Our prime objective is to provide our clients with consistent and reliable service every time that they approach us. We always aim at maintaining a high standard of customer service. At TCS, we strive to liaise with all our clients on a regular basis, so that they are assured of superior services by us always. Making sure that our customers get value for their money is something we keenly consider. As a result, we try providing them with economical yet quality service all the time.


Our vision here, in terms of our customers, is to be recognized by our customers as the most customer responsive company existing in this industry. Financially speaking, our vision is to attain a position of the most profitable company in this industry, according to our success that is measured from year to year. From the point of view of our valued employees, our vision is to be the best workplace in this industry for all our security guards.


At Total Control Services, our mission is to provide all our security guards with an exciting and professional work environment, so that their career graph keeps moving on the higher side of things. We let our employees work in such a manner that they are able to strike a positive balance between their personal and professional life, and none gets hampered due to the other’s predominance. We hope to give them such an environment at work where they are able to embrace quality improvement in the kind of service that they should deliver at a continuous basis, along with being open to adopt them freely to the changing needs in this security sector. Flexibility is an art that our employees have mastered with great care and perfection!


Our efficient and skilled team are capable of handling any kind of security issues that you might need assistance in. With our vast range of experience in all these years of staying strong in this industry and leaving a significant mark and our efficient team, no security issue is impossible for us to handle for you! We always work on providing you better service each time that you approach us for assistance.



To provide our clients with reliable, consistent service at all times. To liaise on a regular basis with our clients and maintain a high level of customer service. To ensure value for money and maintain an economical service at all times. We take pride in continuing to develop our business to provide a holistic package for our clients.


Our Mission Our Vision

At Total Control Services our objective is to provide a professional and exciting career path with a positive balance between work/life culture and to embrace continual quality improvement to changing needs in the security sector.

Controlling Your Security Needs

Customer - to be the most customer responsive company in the industry as determined by our customers

Financial - to be the most profitable company in the industry as measured by year after year success

Team Member - to be the best place to work in the industry as determined by our team members

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