Armed Security & CIT

 Armed Security & CIT Our team of skilled and highly trained security guards are capable of handling varied roles. Armed security and CIT security is one of the many kinds of services that we, at Total Control Services, provide. Our armed guards are skilled in handling the most difficult of situations in the most effective manner. The same goes for our Cash in Transit (CIT) guards who are efficient in loading as well as unloading in an environment that is not secured. They can also handle and use different world class CIT security equipments.


Our armed security personnel are well trained in handling your home security needs. They have a well placed system in place which has made them experts in handling home security system and home security alarm as well. The CIT industry in itself has been a sector that is open to risks and attacks. As a result, those who are working in this industry are exposed to some well understood and common occupational hazards like cuts, open wounds, MSD (musculoskeletal disorders), stress, and the likes. Some other hazards involved in this kind of a work, which is specific to mainly this sector would include, shopping centres, hotels, clubs, sporting events, pubs, retail stores, and other such general public spots. While our experts handle this sector well, we are also keen about managing the risks that are faced by those working in this sector. We carry out effective risk management, so that our employees are well maintained in order to provide optimum service to our clients. Our employees working on CIT have adequate on the job training and have gone through instructions, training, and information needed to deliver quality service to our clients.


Let us look into another service that we offer, that of our armed security men. Our security guards are trained on the most modern developments in this field and are the most competent professionals that you can ever ask for in this field. They are adept at watching, guarding, or protecting any kind of property by various effective means, some of which include, patrolling a particular property in person, monitoring a property by means of a security system (say, for example, cctv security cameras, any sort of alarm device, a closed monitoring system, and such), and the likes. Our armed security guards will be able to help you with your cash in transit issues, monitoring a centre operator, guarding your property with a dog, work as a control room operator, and many other such roles, which they handle with mastery and diligence. For your information, all our security guards are valid licence holders, here to help you in any kind of security related issues.


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