K9 Dog Patrols

K9 Dog PatrollingOur dependent and highly coveted K9 dog patrol service is reckoned with great belief and dependency by our clients far and wide. Our K9 security guards on dog patrols work closely with their respective dogs in order to apprehend criminals and enforce laws. With our K9 dog patrol security guards on their toes, there can never be any moment that has missed their immediate attention, or nay moment that needs their immediate attention will ever be ignored. You are in safe and well protected hands, if you have opted for the service of our K9 dog patrolling security guards. Not to forget, an assignment that is bagged in the canine unit is a highly coveted one among all the law enforcement professionals.


The duties that our security guards on K9 patrolling duty carry out are diverse. A K9 handler can actually use their dog for enforcing law and public order while they are on patrolling duty. One of the major roles of these dogs who are used in such patrolling duty is apprehending and pursuing suspects who attempt to get scot free from the security guards. These dogs are trained keeping in mind the kind of specialised activity that they are expected to carry out while on patrolling duty with the security officers. These dogs are trained in skill sets like identifying smuggled or narcotic goods, detecting accelerants, locating human remains, search and rescue operations, and the likes. These dogs are a proven deterrent to those criminals who might try to confront the security guard on duty, otherwise. The security guard’s challenge here would be to be in complete control of the dog during all times, as this stands a source of highly potential liability at such crucial times when both the dog and the security guy need to work at tandem to achieve positive results.


Our security guard who work with K9 dog patrols are often seen working through the weekends as well as at nights. In fact, at nights would be the busiest time of their work schedule. Our security guards who work on this are always ready to serve you promptly and respond to emergency situations with very little or even no notice at all. As the dog is mostly with the security guard, it is the duty of the security guard to look after the dog. This is done with great care by our security guards. Our security officers who are working on this kind of a project are also skilled in interacting with the public at different points, as their job demands this interaction on a regular basis, whenever they are out on assignments and try to figure out what needs to be hunted down or searched for.





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