Hand held Metal Detectors

Hand held Metal Detectors Our security personnel are well adept at carrying out security related tasks with the help of hand held metal detectors. They are experts in handling hand held metal detectors that are capable of responding to any metal that might not be apparently visible. These metal detectors are effective in searching humans for carrying weapons (this helps in keeping the crowd in control), checking letters and parcels. Those areas that are security sensitive, such as, some public events and areas, pubs, night clubs, businesses, sports events, corrections facilities, courtrooms, schools, etc. have been served well by our security guards who are experts in using hand held metal detectors for the greater benefit of the public, for their safety and security. These hand held detectors are as efficient as x-rays, when it comes to locating coins and any other kind of metallic objects. These devices are light, cheap, radiation free, highly sensitive, and need very minimum maintenance.


Our security experts who are skilled in using hand held metal detectors have also been approached by woodworkers and construction crews who are known to have used these metal detectors in order to locate any dangerous nails or some other sort of metallic debris that might be left in building materials and other such kinds of debris or leftovers, which might cause injury or harm to the affected person. This is where our security guards who are experienced in handling hand held metal detectors come in to contribute in a significant manner. There are different kinds of hand held metal detectors that are available, such as, relic metal, gold metal, beach, all purpose, professional, commercial, 2 box deep searchers, and many other such types.


Our expert security guards are capable of handling all of these kinds with great efficiency and perfection! These metal detectors are generally light weight, so using them is not much of a hassle, especially for our skilled team of security guards. These metal detectors are capable of detecting all kinds of metals, be it ferrous or non-ferrous. So, rest assured when you approach our security personnel for safety and security by using hand held metal detectors, you are in for a guaranteed and foolproof experience, where no possible risk will go unrecognised or remain unattended by our team. We understand that you might need this service for various purposes. If you happen to be a retail outlet, you might want to have one of our security guards with hand held metal detector arming your entrance, so that your retail counter is under safe and strict vigilance. Also, if you happen to be the organizer of any event, you might want to ensure that whoever enters your event does not pose any sort of security threat for the others who are present in the event.





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