Loss Prevention

Loss PreventionThe most comprehensive part of a security strategy has got to be an ongoing surveillance processing place and uniformed security officers. Without these two integral parts, running a security service gets difficult. This is precisely why we have our basic rights and have our set up designed accordingly. Our loss prevention service is one of its kinds, being reckoned with our clients, far and wide. Our security guards who have been trained exclusively in this field leaves no stone unturned in making tracing your loss, and even better, preventing your valuabled stuff from getting lost. Our team of loss prevention security guards help provide support in monitoring different apartment buildings, along with providing physical security at different industrial and commercial facilities that might need it. This makes our security services highly in demand.


Now, you got to understand what exactly is loss prevention security? There are some retailers who consider the burglar alarm that they have in their store as loss prevention security. Now, to an extent, that alarm does serve the role of a loss prevention security. It alerts you on time whenever there is an attempted burglary at your retail store. However, this kind of alarm being the substitute for real loss prevention security guards only hold good when the doors of your retail outlet are closed, there is no other person that is inside the store, and the alarm is all set to be working properly. Now, this makes the alert more of a loss alert, rather than a prevention security tool. And, as a matter of fact, most of the loss in this retail sector occurs well within the business hours.


Another popular method employed by the retail owners is CCTV. They think that by merely having CCTV security cameras, loss prevention can be handled. As a matter of fact, these CCTV footages are available only for a limited period of time, and it may so happen that, the footage does not show you clearly an image of the miscreant. In such a situation, you will be left with nothing to do. We do not want that to happen with you and this is where we feel our expert service would be of help to you.


In case our clients who approach us need some additional security coverage, we have the bandwidth to provide that as well. So, the mobile security service team at place here is skilled in handling such additional client requests. Apart from this, the other areas that our security guards who offer loss prevention are skilled in handling would include private parking enforcement, scheduled patrolling, overnight surveillance, and the likes. When it comes to our security officers, they do not have a ‘body shop’ kind of a mentality.





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