Maritime Security

It is but obvious that maritime related issues are growing in importance and becoming very vital for many countries, during today’s tried and tested times. Let us first look into what is meant by maritime security. It is good to know that the Australian government has been know for implementing a strong maritime security regime in place in order to help in the process of safeguarding Australia’s system of maritime transport and offshore facilities from the clutches of unlawful interference and terrorism as well. Under the maritime security regime of the government, all of the security related port facilities, ports, offshore and port ships and service providers, and offshore facilities need to undertake some basic security risk assessments, after which certain security plans need to be implemented in order to address any further identified maritime security related risks. This entire process includes some major steps like:


  • Some effective measures that are to be placed at various security levels
  • The responsibilities and powers of the officials involved in this entire process
  • Reporting various events and incidents
  • Screening and the subsequent clearing of different prohibited items and weapons
  • The MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) scheme
  • Ensuring that the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 and regulations are enforced properly


Our skilled team of maritime security staffs would ensure that all of the above processes are followed while they are on duty. The Australian government has also clearly mentioned the purpose of the Maritime Security Notice that they have in place. All these are done to ensure the emphasise that is to be put on the importance of some robust security arrangements for the security of Australian ships, specifically when these ships are transiting through such shipping lanes that are in high risk locales.


Our team of maritime security personnel will work in such a way that all these regulations are observed and the safety and security of the Nation remains well protected. Our team always remembers that maritime security involves much more than what meets the eyes – poachers, drug smugglers, terrorists, pirates, and many such others form only a part of the huge group that can cause hurdles to the security team at work. Having said that, our team knows how to handle such adverse situations and get things in order for the greater benefit of the mass.


Maritime security is actually a complex and global industry that is growing in importance and significance with every passing day. So, while the mass or the Nation gets growingly aware of its maritime security needs, our team of maritime security experts keep themselves updated with the latest developments and regulations in this field, so that they can deliver world class service always.





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