Static Guards

Static guards can give you strong protection against rowdy guys and vandals. Our skilled security guards can assist you under adverse situations, be it of any kind. Be it a big business house or any other kind of corporate house, security guards are always in demand by various groups form different walks of life. This is where we pitch in with our experienced and well trained security guards. Having your possessions all well protected is quite easy, if you have static security guards in place, looking after your possessions. Generally speaking, static guards do not move from one position to the other. They are capable of taking on different tasks and also different functions that are grouped together. These static guards will usually be based out of a central control room watching CCTV monitoring units, operating time clocks and gates from probably a gatehouse or something similar. This is how they function, and this is what makes them bring out their best in terms of serving you.


Our static guards are well educated in this role and have been trained in such a manner that they are able to focus on their job role of being an adept static guard. Our security guards who serve the role of static guards very well understand their responsibility to always be on their alert for any kind of suspicious movements. This is to ensure that they property or anyone related to a property that they are safeguarding is actually under strict vigilance and under safe hands. They play the fundamental role in determining how successful a particular business operation could be, adapt themselves accordingly to whatever is demanded out of them in a particular situation, so that, at the end of it all, you get your value for money. Well trained to handle different situations and duties, our static guards are sure to let you rest peacefully while they take it upon themselves to deliver quality results to you.


The various locations where our static guards can be of help to you would include exhibitions, car parks, outdoor entertainment, construction sites, airports, warehouses, and the likes. They are most ideally suitable for vulnerable and guard sensitive locations. Our security guards are well equipped and trained to accomplish different challenging security functions that include verifying the identity of nay person who tries to put unauthorised access to a property, if any assignment instructions are not being followed in a particular warehouse, and the likes. Our skilled static security guards can also help you out in traffic controlling and any related parking issues, securing and protecting any vital or expensive computer structures, alarm systems, gates and fences, doors and windows, and the likes.





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